Frequently Asked Questions

Link (URL) shortening and link management questions answered. Quickly find the answers you need to your most common link shortening and short link questions.

Subscription & Payments
Yes, our Value Plan is completely free and always will be. Our free plan contains no advertisements and contains our core platform features. If you are just a casual or personal user, this is likely a good fit for you. If you are not sure where to start we recommend registering for free and trying out our Value Plan. You can upgrade or downgrade plans at anytime and you can always come back to the Value plan, if needed.
We accept all major forms of credit cards which include Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express. All payments are processed with maximum 256-bit SSL technology. We do not actually store your billing information and we use a third party vendor to process and store your credit card information.

All paid subscriptions are payable monthly and automatically on your monthly billing date. You can cancel, change, or update your subscription and/or payment information at any time.
Yes, you can change your plan at any time. Upon switching plans, your current subscription will be cancelled immediately. There are no minimums, setup fees, cancellation fees, or term commitments.
All paid subscriptions are paid in advance and are effective for your entire billing period (30 days). If you cancel your subscription or if you allow your subscription to expire, you'll lose access to all the subscription features and we will downgrade your account to our free account.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You'll continue to have access to the features you've paid for until the end of your billing cycle. Once your paid subscription expires, we will downgrade your account to our free account. There are never any minimums, setup fees, cancellation fees, or term commitments.
No, at this time all of our subscriptions are on a monthly and recurring basis. We want to offer maximum flexibility to all of our customers on all of our plans and our monthly pricing is designed to reflect this. You may cancel or change your subscription at any time.
Link Management Platform
Our platform is completely web and cloud based. Meaning, there are no software downloads or installations required to use our services or software. All of your data is securely stored in the cloud and is usable and accessible from any computer with internet access. Sign up now and you can get started within minuets.

In addition, we also offer a robust API that you can use to interact with our platform programmatically. This gives you the power to interact with our platform via your custom workflows and applications.
All non-enterprise plans have limits and are described in details on our pricing page. All of our plans offer unlimited redirects, meaning, all of your links will always take your customers to their final destination.

Everytime a user clicks on or goes to one of your links this is a tracked click, meaning, we capture all of the statistical data and upload it to the relevant link statistics page on your account for later review. All of our tracked click limits and quotas are tracked daily and reset automatically everyday at +00:00 UMT. You can always review your current statistics via your dashboard. In the event that your account exceeds your allotted daily number of tracked clicks we will notify you and we will stop collecting new click data until your data resets. Your links will still work and redirect to their final destination, however, users will be displayed a landing page where they will have to click a button to be redirected.
Domains names are an important option to consider. Yes, you can register your own domain name(s) and/or point your existing domain name(s) to our service on all paid plans. In addition, we also provide vanity urls (i.e. - which you can use without the need of a domain name, so the option is yours. The benefit of using your own domain name is that it makes our platform invisible to the end user as all they see is your domain name while our service still securely captures your link statistics. Branded domain names can also increase brand awareness and increase your click through rates. You can add and remove domain names to your account at anytime.
At this time, we do not offer sub-user accounts on our shared plans. However, we are looking to add this feature in the near future. If you are interested in sub-user accounts we do offer this option on our Enterprise Plan. Please contact us for additional information and a quote.

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